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AAEP 1600 Art and Music since 1945

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Core Assignments (for all sections)


Most Weekly Modules in Carmen contain one of 13 Readings. They start with a short overview chapter in the Guidebook, (see A Quick and Dirty Guide to Art, Music, and Culture. Click "Guidebook."). Each chapter in the guidebook links you to a set of readings and media to study. You may refer to this material anytime during quizzes.


Your goal for the Art Worksheet is find, travel to, and analyze a work of visual art in its exhibition space. Here is how the proceure goes:

  1. The locations for this assignment are the Wexner Center for the Arts and the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum. Sometimes work and class schedules don't allow for students to visit these locations when they are open. If you cannot get to the Wexner Center or the Cartoon Library for this assignment, or if you are not in Columbus, please ask your instructor about another location. Remember to get your instructor's approval about the location you want to visit. We will not accept papers about exhibitions at optional locations without instructor approval.
  2. Plan to take the Art Worksheet with you and answer all questions on the Worksheet while at the exhibit site. Plan enough time to observe the visual work as you do your Worksheet.
  3. You must choose a work created after 1945. Most exhibits display the date of creation. It doesn't matter if the work is a drawing, painting, sculpture, performance art, or mixed media, so long as you see the work in its exhibition space and that it was made after 1945.


To help integrate ideas in the course quizzes will open each week in Carmen.

REMEMBER... If you have technical problems with Carmen or your computer while a quiz is in progress, you must tell us about the disruption within seven days after it occurs.

  1. If you cannot be present online for the week, we expect you to notify the professor by email.
  2. If you cannot be online due to illness, please provide a doctor's note to excuse your absence.
  3. College athletes away for a game should give advanced notice for an excused absence.
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