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George Strait has been recognized as the artist who in many respects defined what the modern era of pure country music is all about. He is one of the few country superstars to remain true to traditional country music at a time when a great deal of excitement in country music resulted from the influence of rock. The blending of country and rock was certainly not without controversy, and Strait represents those on the side of the issue who wanted to keep country pure. An entire generation of country music performers such as Clay Walker, Tracy Byrd, and Mark Willis cite him as their primary influence.

Every one of George Strait's albums has been certified gold, platinum, or multi-platinum. Although George has accomplished such an incredible amount of success during his career, his early days in music were actually shaky, leaving him close to giving up on his whole dream.

George Strait was born in 1952 in the little town of Poteet, Texas, and he grew up on a Texas ranch. His early ambition was to have a career in agriculture and he started school at Southwest Texas State University, but soon dropped out and eloped with his high school sweetheart, Norma. He then served in the Army, and while George was stationed in Hawaii, he became hooked on country music and decided that he would pursue a career as a performer. When he returned to Texas in the 1970s, he pulled a group together and formed the band, Ace in the Hole, which played local bars with little success.

The band played pure Texas dance hall music without any rock or pop influence. After many failed attempts to gain a major record label contract in Nashville, George was feeling down on luck and almost gave up on the whole idea to become a rancher for a cattle company in 1979. At the last minute, Norma talked him out of the Texas rancher notion and encouraged him to follow his heart in country music. George Strait gave country music one more try. That last attempt is all that he needed to become a superstar with 36 #1 singles.

In 1981, he caught the attention of the manager of MCA records, Erv Woolsey, and soon released the single, "Unwound." The single reached the top ten in the Billboard charts and George Strait was named New Male Artist of the Year. He was acclaimed as a leader for bringing country music back into the limelight with pure country music at a time when country was blending with rock. George has always kept his music honest with true grace and dignity without altering his style during the rise of Country Rock.

During the years of 1985-1990, Strait was a regular winner at the Country Music Awards (CMA) and had 11 consecutive #1 singles. He has also won the CMA Entertainer of the Year twice, CMA Male Vocalist twice, and Album of the Year once with the album, Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind. George Strait has also won several awards given by the Academy of Country Music including Entertainer of the Year in 1990. Strait has also progressed well into the 1990s and accumulated more awards in 1996 when his album, Blue Clear Sky was named Best Album and his single "Check Yes or No" was named the Top Single. George Strait was also named the Top Male Vocalist that year.

In addition to Strait's output of very popular country music through his albums, he has the ability to put on vibrant live performances. His concerts in the 1990s always sold out. And by the late 1990s, he began The George Strait Country Music Festival, which included various acts on multiple stages showcasing diverse country artists. It has been called "Countrypalooza" in the national media because of its large following and popularity.

In 1995, George Strait put out an album boxed set called, Strait out of the Box which has been certified quadruple platinum and is the best selling boxed set of all time. It is tied for second place in all genres with Led Zeppelin and was surpassed only by Bruce Springsteen. In 1998, George continued to outshine the newcomers in the country music scene with the songs, "I Just Want to Dance with you," "True," and "We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This."

He has carried this strength into the new century with his fourth set of greatest hits called, Latest Greatest Straitest Hits. George Strait has kept his sincerity and the purity of country throughout his very rewarding career while producing 18 platinum albums and influencing a whole generation of country musicians.

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