Syllabus and Schedule

AAEP 1600 Art and Music since 1945

Grading Policy

Your performance in Art Education 1600 is measured by how many points you earn. Think of this system as a bank account in which you start with a "zero" balance and earn points across the semester.

Because we sometimes have students taking the course online in different time zones, All deadlines in AAEP 1600 have a 12 hour grace period, but late deductions will apply after twelve hours.

Late Paper Policy

Point Rubric for Online Classes

In online classes, students participate in discussions, while Lecture students attend lectures.

Tasks and Activities Point Value
13 Quizzes for 7 pts ea. 91 pts
Six Online Discussions at 16 points ea. 96 pts
Art Worksheet 100 pts
Film Worksheet 100 pts
On-time Submission of Art Worksheet 6 pts
On-time Submission of Film Worksheet 7 pts

OSU Standard Grade Scale

OSU Percentage ScaleLETTER GRADE
93% -100% A
90% A-
87% B+
83% B
80% B-
77% C+
73% C
70% C-
67% D+
60% D
0% E