Syllabus and Schedule

AAEP 1600 Art and Music since 1945

Here is a list of instructors for AAEP 1600. Click on the instructor's email to contact them. Please remember to state the course (AAEP 1600) and class number (e.g., 16411) in which you are enrolled.

Name Email Class No. Teaching Role
Joni Boyd Acuff 17384 Instructor
Adewale Adenle 17385 GTA Instructor
Xiaoxiao Bao 17382 TA Grader
Mike Bontempo 29191, 17383 Instructor
Omarthan Clarke 20732 Instructor
Clayton Funk 17382 Instructor and Supervisor
Robin Gordon 17382 TA Grader
Gillian Kim 17387 GTA Instructor
Shiyuan Li 17382 TA Grader
Cary 17386 GTA Instructor
Ramya Ravisankar 30787, 20722 Instructor
James H. Sanders 20729, 29161 Instructor
Jessica Sarber 20728 Instructor
Claudia Wier 29287 Instructor