Syllabus and Schedule

AAEP 1600 Art and Music since 1945

Here is a list of instructors for AAEP 1600. Click on the instructor's email to contact them. Please remember to state the course number in which you are enrolled.

Name Email Class No. Teaching Role
Omarthan Clarke 20099 Instructor
Clayton Funk 15856 (lecture) 15857 (online) Instructor and Supervisor
Diviya Janardhan 15859 TA Instructor
Christopher Jeansonne 15856 TA Grader
Lawon Lee 15861 Instructor
Xuefei Li 15856 TA Grader
Christine Masucci 20103, 20090 GTA Instructor
James H. Sanders 20100 Instructor
Katie Uelk 15858 GTA Instructor
Yan Xiao 15860 GTA Instructor
Yifan Xu 15856 TA Grader